Rejuvenate Your Home: Unveiling the Cost of Professional House Repainting

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We recently conducted a survey on the cost of painting a house with a few tradesmen. We asked them how much it would cost to paint the interior of an average 3 bedroom house and if they had any tips for customers to have a good experience with the tradesman. We’ve included a sample of the responses below. Check the sources.

The response of artisan painters

Jerome of Lyon : Average 3 bedroom house. The interior labor cost only €3000. We find the best materials for interiors are Dulux paints. There are no splashes or spatters when rolling. When customers are looking for a quote, they should mention that the furniture needs to be moved and put back. Regarding payment, we never ask for payment until the job is completed and the client is satisfied with the work. It’s all about trust.

Jason of Saint Etienne: The average cost of painting for a 3 bedroom house is between €1600 and €2000, excluding paint. This includes preparing all surfaces, i.e. sanding and filling. 2 coats of white emulsion on all ceilings. 2 coats of the color of your choice on all walls. 1 coat of white undercoat on the woodwork. 1 coat of white satin for finishing the woodwork. I recommend customers use good quality materials for a long lasting finish.

Akhan from Lyon : The price to paint an average sized 3 bedroom house – preparation and painting of ceilings, two coats of paint on walls, preparation and painting of two coats of finish, woodwork, doors, architraves, skirting boards, approximately €1,800 excluding count the materials.

Bernard of Auxerre: To paint a 3 bedroom house interior, the labor is 3500 to 4000 €, it also depends on the condition of the house. Advise the client on what materials to use, and let them feel confident that you can do the job in the agreed time and that it will have a quality finish.

Jérémy d’Angers: I think a client from Angers should expect to pay between €3,500 and €5,000 for painting a three bedroom house. To maintain a good relationship with the tradesman and avoid confusion, all work should be clearly outlined in a quote and a price should be agreed for any additional work before it is carried out. It is worth discussing how much preparation (if any) the client will need to do to clear the room of household items before painting. It is always good to choose a recommended craftsman. This is much more important than the lowest price. In the business of painting and decorating, it has never been more true that you get what you pay for. A good job can take more than twice as long as a bad job, so you’ll have to pay a lot more.

A2S from Paris: The price depends on the job to be done, for painting a 3 bedroom house our prices start from €2400, all materials are included except paint, for craftsmen check their portfolio (previous work), check reviews on Google it and don’t be cheap because you’ll pay twice as much.

Hassan from Paris 13th: Roughly speaking, the average interior of a 3 bedroom apartment, these days, prices for labor alone when factoring in a quick and clean renovation are around €2300. For a high-end finish of a beautiful family apartment around €3,800. All colors, brands, etc. must be discussed before work begins and payment must be made upon completion of work. Sometimes people, especially older people, are quick to offer a deposit, I would recommend that no real tradesman accepts payment until the job is completed, but this obviously depends on the scale of the work and the circumstances involved, I simply do not take payment until the work is completed and I find this has worked both for my clients and for my company’s reputation.

Nicholas of Nice: There are a lot of variables on this subject, but we will say that 2 coats on everything, including the woodwork, would be around €2800 excluding tax + paint. I advise customers not to buy materials, especially because they do not know which paint to buy depending on the use they want to make of it, for example, for children in the house, you need a matte paint washable, for stairs and the landing of a hall, which are used a lot, you also need a washable matte paint. Many times I’ve walked into people’s homes who had bought cheap paint that required 4 coats to cover anything. Let the professional choose the paint and the customer choose the color. If the house is occupied, we always organize the work into sections, meaning we finish one area before moving on to another part of the house, so that the client can continue living in their home as normal. Be attentive to the customer’s needs and concerns. Do not have hidden intentions when dealing with the client, explain everything clearly, if possible in a subsequent email or message. The price should be agreed in advance and clearly state VAT and total cost and stick to it. It happens that the client requests additional work, it is always necessary to agree on the price. Communication is essential, have a good rapport with the client and make them feel comfortable with you in their home. Make time to talk every day, but don’t get in the way.

Nicolas de Aubenas: I would charge around €2,400 for the interior of a three-bedroom house which is in good condition. I know I’m the painter and you might think I’m trying to get a better price, but most customers seem to accept the lowest price they get, even if that price seems unrealistic. Some of your clients seem to get prices so low that it’s impossible to do professional work at those rates! Some Tips The customer should know that the price difference between good paints and cheap paints is huge. The client should also know that they are paying for the painter’s time. If the painter has to spend two hours moving furniture, he will spend two hours less painting. The client must ensure that the painter can paint as easily as possible, within reason. I only take payment once the client has looked at the work and is happy with it. I always let the customer know that if they see anything abnormal, I will come back immediately to fix it. I rarely take a deposit for materials before starting the job, unless it is a large job (more than 2.00 euros).

Patrick from Lyon: Labor alone would be around 2300 euros. This includes two coats on all surfaces and prep of course. A word of advice: give as much detail as possible in the job description, this will give tradesmen a good idea of ​​how long the job may take before purchasing the contract.

Michael de Saint Priest: Painting interior walls, ceilings, doors and skirting boards – around €2000 Clear description of the job – communicate via email for better communication. I never ask for a deposit because they don’t know me. They pay me when supplies are delivered, then give a deposit each work week. So for a three week job I could be paid for the supplies upon delivery, then a deposit to cover labor costs as the job progresses and final payment upon delivery. end of the works.

Alexandre de Rouen: The cost of painting an average three-bedroom house – labor only – would be €1,900 excluding VAT. This includes the ceiling, walls, plinths, doors, banister and balustrades:

  • Make sure the price includes at least two coats of paint on the walls.
  • a quality paint will be used, for example a washable paint or a non-toxic paint.
  • be sure to confirm that oil or water-based paint will be used on the woodwork.
  • Does the price include floor protection and cleaning after work?

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