Mastering the Art of Completing a Preliminary Declaration of Work for Your Roofing Project

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Are you planning to carry out roofing work? In this case, you must complete and submit a prior declaration to your town hall. To help you carry out this process, we suggest you discover in this article:

  • work subject to prior declaration
  • documents to provide
  • the deadlines to be respected
  • possible remedies

Work subject to prior declaration

Roofing work is subject to prior declaration as long as it falls within the scope of the town planning regulations. It must be carried out within the framework of a new construction or a renovation. The works subject to prior declaration are as follows:

Documents to provide

In order to submit your prior declaration, you must provide a certain number of documents to your town hall. It’s about mass plan of your project and prior declaration form (CERFA). The master plan is a document that allows public services to understand the surface area, location and volume of your roof. It also allows the town hall to check that your project complies with the current regulations. The prior declaration form (CERFA) must be completed by you. It must include your contact details and information relating to your project.

Deadlines to respect

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, you must submit your file to your town hall. The instruction time is one month. You will then receive a notification informing you that your request is accepted Or Refused. If your request is refused, you have the option of making a equitable relief.

Possible recourses

If your request is refused, you can file a free appeal with the town hall. You can also use a town planning consultancy to help you defend your project and make it compliant with the rules in force. Finally, if your request is still refused, you can file a legal appeal with the administrative court.

Possible aid for renovating a roof

In addition to filing a prior declaration, you can also benefit from assistance to carry out roofing work. Financial aid is put in place by the State and local authorities to help individuals finance their work. Among the best-known financial aid we find the tax credit for energy transition. This tax credit can be deducted from taxes and applies to all energy saving work. You can also benefit from a zero interest loan to finance your roofing work. This loan allows you to finance a renovation or construction project at zero interest.

Insurance to protect your roof

In order to protect your roof against bad weather and damage, it is important to take out home insurance. This insurance covers damage caused to your roof and allows you to benefit from coverage of repair costs. In the event of a claim, you must contact your insurer and report the damage caused to your roof. From then on, your insurer will study your file and take the necessary measures to carry out the repair.

Carrying out roofing work can be expensive and requires a certain number of administrative procedures. The first step is to file a prior declaration with your town hall. In order to carry out this process, you must provide a master plan and a prior declaration form. You can also benefit from financial aid to finance your work. Finally, in order to protect your roof against bad weather, we advise you to take out home insurance.

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