Mastering Your Project: A Comprehensive Guide on Crafting a Statement of Work for Fence Construction

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Are you planning to carry out work on a fence and would like to know how to complete a declaration of works? In this article you will find all the information you need to complete your fencing work declaration file.

Prior declaration, what is it?

Before proceeding with the construction of a fence, you must submit a prior declaration application to your local council. This prior declaration is a document that allows the city council to verify that its project complies with the urban planning regulations in force in its municipality. It includes the distribution of your land as well as the plan of the work to be carried out. Once your application is submitted, the council will issue you a work authorization if your project complies.

What form should I use to declare work for a fence?

To complete a statement of work for a fence, you will need to complete the form “prior declaration of works” available on the website public service. There you will find the information that you must provide so that your project is validated by the city council. This declaration must be completed and sent to the town hall of your municipality.

What documents are required?

Before completing your form, you must present the following documents to the town hall:

  • The design of your land
  • HE the work plan to do
  • A copy of the property title.
  • A certificate of conformity of the completion of the work.

What steps must be followed to declare work for a fence?

To declare work for a fence, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the declaration of work form from the public service website.
  2. Fill out the form and provide the necessary documents.
  3. Send your file to the town hall of your municipality.
  4. Wait for the validation of your declaration by the city council.
  5. Start construction work on your fence.

What are the different types of authorized fences?

Each municipality has its own rules regarding fences. Therefore, you should contact your town hall to find out the types of authorized fences. In general, municipalities do not give permission to build high fences and fences that could disturb the neighborhood.

Is a building permit required?

A building permit is generally not required for the construction of a fence. However, if your municipality has specific rules regarding fences, you may be required to submit a building permit. You will then need to submit a building permit application to the town hall.

How long is a declaration of work valid?

Once your declaration of fencing work has been validated by the city council, you have two years to start the work. After this date, it will be necessary to submit a new request for prior declaration.

How to ensure that the declaration of work is recorded correctly?

Once you declaration of works sent to the town hall, you will receive confirmation of receipt by email or postal mail. You can also contact your local council’s planning department to ensure that your declaration has been recorded.

Advantages and disadvantages of declaring work for a fence?

Declaring work for a fence can have advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages :

  • You will be able to carry out your work completely legally.
  • You will be sure that your project complies with urban planning regulations.
  • You can benefit from financial aid if your municipality offers it to you.


  • You must present plans and documents to the town hall.
  • Your project may not be validated if your fence does not comply with urban planning regulations.
  • You will have to wait until your application is processed by the city council.

If you want call a professional To carry out your fencing work you can consult your town hall. She will be able to provide you with a list of approved professionals. You can also consult advertisements on specialized sites or request quotes from several professionals to compare prices.

Declaring the fencing works to the city council is an essential step if you want to carry out your work legally. To do this, you must complete a declaration of work form and provide the documents to the town hall. You will also have to respect the urban planning regulations in force in your municipality and find a professional to carry out your work. Although the declaration of works may take time, it will allow you to be certain that your project is carried out in compliance with the legislation.

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